Photos by Glen Chen.

Photography, cinematography, are all a means to communicate a message to our audience and excite the senses, through compelling imagery and narrative. It's what I'm continually seeking, to harness and to communicate to my audience. I find myself in this phase of life where God has given me a clear direction and answer to what exactly is my "calling" in life and that is through the gift of visuals. I seek to share narrative through imagery, creating art and capturing moments. Every waking moment is another reason to be inspired, to soak in the environment and create images. I work primarily as a photographer and also heavily practicing the fine craft of cinematography, applying the principles in photography. The world is an infinite repository of stories and memories, and it is our job to bring them to life through the art of photography. I hope to share with every my unique perspective of life and light and that we can all continue to contribute to the community of artists that could influence or possibly change the world, one image at a time. Visuals are what we first see, what we connect with. It is the first step in which to get us excited, get us connected, get us moving to want to interact in one way or another. Visuals are a powerful medium and as humans, we are highly visual creatures, viewing the world through our eyes, ideas are growing in an infinite scale. Visuals have the power to influence, to create and to inspire. Visuals are what share narrative and memory in various unique perspectives. Visuals are a way of life. I am Glen and I'm a Visualgrapher.