The Signs In The Road


I talked about how documenting and experimenting was integral in a Creative's workflow and I stand by it. Having used the Fujifilm X100F, it was a beast of an everyday shooter. Walking the streets of my city, Singapore, has driven a lot of ideas for upcoming projects. These shots are what captures our eyes but further than a technical practice, it is a visual practice. We train our eyes to see the beauty, the mysterious, the mundane, the broken, in our day to day lives, the composition, the light, every little details matters. Documenting keeps us driven, keeps us looking for more, keeps us fresh and generates the greatest ideas from thin air. I always felt that there should be a continuation to the popular phrase, "the best camera is the one in your hands" , "the best images are ones that keep you driven". 

I've recently read Steven Pressfield's "The War of Art". I'll be making more references to his book in future posts. At this point I would like to point out something that resounded with me in a life experience that he shared within the book and that was the process of creating, the process of documenting every little thing never stops. Wrote your award winning screenplay? Good. Write another one. That is some powerful stuff right there, something that we might all have overlooked as artists, writer, photographers, creatives. I suppose one aspect of overcoming a creative block is to keep at it, in our field, practice is key, sharpening our craft every waking moment.   

Walking the streets has given me a lot of perspective and a lot of practice. I notice every bit of detail, the sounds, the textures, the smell, the people, the light and how it falls on our concrete jungle. There is an infinite repository of stories waiting to be told, and through this very process of documenting, these stories will surely surface and come to life.